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Ride Sharing Has Just Entered Healthcare

Uber recently launched its newest service line called Uber Health. Uber Health is designed to arrange and facilitate rides for patients that do not have access to reliable transportation. The service...
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Surviving CMS “Crackdowns” on Medicare Advantage Plans

A Modern Healthcare article today highlights the importance for MA plans to do a better job of managing their provider networks in terms of maintaining accurate directory information and ensuring...
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Can We Talk?

The last decade has seen the rapid adoption of the electronic medical record (EMR). While a few major EMR software companies have become familiar names, the overall market is very fragmented, with a...
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A Referral is the Building Block of Your Health Care Network

In today’s environment, health care has become increasingly specialized. Primary care physicians (PCPs), once careful to refer patients out in the “gatekeeper” HMO model, have now left these habits...
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